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CEO Netweavers

"I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy."

- Rabindranath Tagore

CEO Netweavers


CEO Netweavers is an organization of CEO’s and sponsored senior service providers. Each member meets a combination of business and Servant Leadership criteria, and is committed to sharing experience, skills and trusted relationships solely to help each other and their communities.

The dual commitment to Netweaving and Servant Leadership results in a uniquely trusted community of lifetime relationships that offers our members the opportunity to interact and help in a myriad of ways, and to have confidential conversations with other members that are welcomed.

Chapters are currently established in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Atlanta. Each Chapter has an array of activities for their members, and welcomes travelling members from other Chapters.


Netweaving is more than networking. It is a “Pay it Forward” approach that builds bridges of trust by listening and helping others first. It is the proactive facilitation of ideas, opinions, and experiences among participants. Netweaving is an approach developed by Bob Littell, Chief Netweaver, which is now broadly embraced as a refreshing way to conduct business.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is exemplified by leaders who always seek the interests of the organization and its constituents first, taking responsibility for failure and passing on praise to others.

Transforming Business and Enriching Lives Through Servant Leadership